PostThe Joy of less…New, improved and with more cleaning power (Oh wait, that was the laundry soap)

Hi Gang,

Well, here it is … The preliminary outline of the rewrite / update of my bestseller “the Joy of less”

There are some things that I’ve been learning and focusing on regarding a new paradigm called Essentialism that I wanted to add into the book.

Here is the outline for the chapters. See what you think and let me know if there are any other ideas you’d like me to cover…


Chapter 1: Defining Your Purpose…

-What is your bliss, and are you following it?

-What is truly important to YOU?

-Are you focusing on the trivial?

-Can you be a happy, fulfilled, stress free simplicity warrior and still worry about the unimportant crap you are worrying about?


Chapter 2: How to Decide Which Problems You Want and Which You Want to Flush…

-Why you should simply ignore most of your problems

-How to be present and focus in fully on the important few

-Being disciplined about focusing on the important few and eliminating the rest


Chapter 3: The Simple Effectiveness of “NO”

-Why saying “NO” is such a positive

-How to politely yet firmly say “NO” to anyone and anything

-Why “NO” is the key to proper Prioritization

-How to overcome your fear of saying “NO”


Chapter 4: Proofread and Revise Your Life…

-How to live with clear intent and cut out the drama

-Unhook, un-commit and delegate

-Learn to make better decisions

-Condense, reduce and remove the complexity

-Setting limits & developing the discipline to edit your life


Chapter 5: Simplifying Your Productivity and the Myth of Multitasking…


-Why multitasking is killing your productivity

-Define, edit and be present in everything you do


Chapter 6: How to Reduce Stress, Eliminate Overwhelm and Still Remain Productively On the Grid…

-Define and eliminate the worry, drama and stress

-How to decide what is superficial, irrelevant and unimportant…

-Why de-cluttering your environment should be a priority

-Clearing the way to being able to breathe again


Chapter 7: Rampant Consumerism and a Gallon of Coca-Cola…

-Why you should take a serious look at how you buy stuff…

-Do you really NEED that Watch, Car, House, Whatever

-Consumer debt, the cancer of western society


Chapter 8: Being Present, Creating Joy and Finding Happiness in Simplicity…

-The good news is, you get to make up the rules

-Simplicity can be the essence of happiness … If you let it…

-Stop comparing yourself to others…

-Attitudes, actions and belief systems… Are yours serving you or dragging you down?

-Courage and consistent focus


Well, That’s it so far!

I’d love to hear what you think. Let me know if it interests you, bores the hell out of you, or …

Lets be in touch,

Talk soon

Cary David Richards