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If you find yourself struggling to deal with all of the unwanted PAPER that seems to multiply out of thin air around your house...

Bills, documents, mail, homework, newspapers, magazines it all just seems to end up in a pile on your desk or kitchen table...

Much of it used and worthless, all of it annoying and in the way...

Keep reading because I believe I have some very exciting information for you!

My Name is Cary David Richards

In a moment I'm going to share with you information that it took me almost a lifetime to discover

And show YOU how to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about quickly and easily removing that annoying, stress inducing clutter from your life forever.

And... For a VERY LIMITED TIME I'm offering everything at a Jaw Dropping 75% off retail price!

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Here's the Story:

About ten years ago my wife Jeannie and I were riding high! We had a big split level house in the suburbs of Seattle Wa. In the Northwestern US.

We had three cars (one for each of us and one for the teenagers), all the latest electronic gadgets including four televisions, three laptop computers and what ever the latest cell phones were at the time. We had all the best wiz-bang kitchen appliances and a garage full of tools and high tech gizmo's for my expensive hobbies...

We thought we had it made…

In reality, we were both working long hours at jobs we hated and the paychecks were starting to end before the month did. Plus, in what ever spare time I had leftover, I was attempting to make a killing in the real estate market . Neither of us stopped long enough to realize it, but something was going to have to give sooner or later…

And then it happened!

In the spring of 2008 several things happened in rapid succession that would change our lives forever…

First, I was “downsized” out of my high stress corporate sales job. Then, at just about the same time, the interest rate on our big expensive house adjusted upward and almost doubled our house payment. Finally, at the exact same moment the real estate market took the worst dive in history and our house lost over a third of it’s value almost overnight.

We were in big trouble…

Things had to change and they had to change fast!

After the initial panic wore off and we were able to think clearly about the situation, Jeannie and I decided that we could actually use this four alarm financial emergency to create some positive changes. We decided that what we needed to do was simplify our lives. In other words, identify the things that were truly important to us and basically flush the rest. We have been on a mission to downsize, simplify and live with a clarity of purpose ever since…

Fast forward to today…

...Jeannie and I have made a practice of keeping our space clear of useless and unwanted “Stuff” ever since we downsized back in 2008. About a year ago I decided to write a book about the insights and strategies we’ve learned and developed over that period of time to keep our environment clean and clear of clutter…

The result is “Get Clutter Free For Life (This Weekend)” a step by step manual that includes tested and proven concepts, techniques and strategies explained in a way that makes living a clutter free life accessible to almost anyone.

Thanks to the internet, the book has gone on to become one of the top selling “How to” books on removing clutter and has been read and enjoyed by literally thousands of people all over the world.

The book has been instrumental in helping those who are looking for the inspiration and motivation to finally get started on a campaign of ridding their lives of the stress inducing, unwanted "Stuff" that seems to constantly pile up.

This concept isn't rocket science, but there are some key strategies and approaches that can be very helpful when it comes to deciding what to keep and what to toss. Many people would love to get rid of their clutter but just don't where or how to get started, others have trouble making decisions about what should stay or go... Or they are simply too overwhelmed and an exhausted from dealing with life's other challenges to tackle the project...


"Get Clutter Free for Life" helps in these areas and many more...


AND... the cool part is we make the book available to almost anyone, because we offer an opportunity to check it out completely with virtually no financial risk whatsoever...


Here's a little taste of what you're about to learn...

  • "Where Do I Start?"

    • Choosing the methodical step by step approach Or…
    • Deciding to go full bore, planning and implementing a major purge project
    • Which is right for you and how to “get going” which ever way you choose…
    • 5 ways to develop a big enough “WHY”
    • How to get inspired and stay motivated
  • Choosing What to Keep and What to Toss

    • What exactly is clutter? (and what isn’t)
    • 13 questions to ask when deciding what to keep and what goes..
    • 5 ways to make sure you get the help you need.
    • Why de-cluttering by category helps you make the tough decisions
  • PAPER!..the Clutter that Seems to Grow by Itself

    • The #1 system for managing incoming paper of all kinds.
    • 3 ways to learn how to touch it once and never deal with it again.
    • Beyond organization, Developing a paperless mind set
    • The paper purge: Dealing with your stacks so that they never return again.
  • Deciding What Sentimental Items to Remove

    • The #1 concept to keep in mind when it comes to sentimental “Stuff” (You’ll drive yourself crazy with out it.)
    • Attaching emotion to the memory not the item of clutter.
    • 6 killer hacks for knowing how to deal with emotionally charged sentimental clutter
    • How to know when it’s okay to get rid of “gift” items.
  • When to Purge by Category Instead of by Area

    • How a category purge helps to identify the totality of your clutter problem (and why this will help you.)
    • 15 example categories and which ones should go first and which should wait till the end.
    • The 4 specialty areas that need to be addressed and how and when to address them.
    • My tried and true strategy for purging by category.
  • Storage...The Double Edged Sword of Clutter

    • When you should utilize storage and when you should run the other way from it (and how to know the difference.)
    • 5 things you should never stack in the attic or garage.
    • The secret to in-home storage and when and how to utilize it.
    • 7 Tips and tricks for specialty area storage.

And This Just Scratches the Surface...

As you can see I wrote "Get Clutter Free for Life (this weekend)" as the last book you'll ever need on how to rid your environment of useless, unwanted and stress inducing "Stuff" and if you're like the vast majority of readers, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of keeping a clean, clutter free, purposeful space in no time...

But don't just take my word for it...

Here's what actual readers are saying about the book...

The author explains the emotional and physical release for getting rid of clutter as well as the procedure. This book is interesting and enjoyable to read. There are ideas presented that I had never considered in my months long attempt to get rid of the clutter in my home

Roxanne, Chicago Illinios
Roxanne, Chicago Illinios

Clear, practical and direct. Un-cluttered in fact. Very useful in a crowded field of similar works. I would highly recommend this one. I bought it, read it and now I'm ready to get to work on my clutter.

Shana, Salt Lake City, Ut.
Shana, Salt Lake City, Ut.

Amazing book - very good change from the many de-cluttering books I have read. A fresh perspective from someone who has de-cluttered and changed their life for the better by their hard efforts at escaping from materialism. Loved his account of how he and his wife thrived through their de-cluttering experience and how his suggestions can be applied to my life.

John A. Vancouver B.C.
John A. Vancouver B.C.

Most cluttering books I've read just reiterate the same old thing. This book actually gave me some new and different ideas that I'm excited to try.

Jill D. Sarsota, Florida
Jill D. Sarsota, Florida

"Get Clutter Free For Life (this weekend)" Has spent multiple weeks at number 1 in its category on AMAZON, and has over 75 four and five star reviews...

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four killer strategies for getting organized and solving your paper problem once and for all!

I'm always surprised how many people list "Stacks of unwanted paper" as their number one clutter issue. Almost every household in our western society needs a specific and focused strategy to deal with the blizzard of paper that seems to almost multiply by itself. In this special report I give you four ways to not only stop the steady stream of incoming paper, but how to deal with your existing stacks. Get organized and develop an easy, simple strategy to keep your space clean and clear of the paper monster.

FREE Bonus # 2... The Where Do I Start? Cheat Sheet

Full Bore, Or Step by Step... You Chose!

There are really only two ways to de-clutter your environment. Either with a full on, clutter purge project, planned and implemented like a military campaign and designed to remove your clutter all at once, in one fell swoop. Or... You can take it step by step at your own pace and over a much longer time period. Both approaches have their advantages and drawbacks. In this special cheat sheet I discuss the pro's and cons and show you how to get started which ever route you choose...

FREE Bonus # 3... Learning to Let Go!

Six hacks that help free you from emotionally charged sentimental clutter

One of the biggest reasons many of us end up with an overstuffed life is the habit of keeping every nick knack and ticket stub that has any kind of memory or sentiment attached to it. Another is the problem of what to do with all of Mom and Dad’s stuff, which in many cases also includes Grandma and Grandpa’s stuff that Mom and Dad inherited and have been keeping in the attic. Many of these items come firmly under the heading of clutter. Unfortunately, many of them also come with their own special kind of emotional baggage, making it hard to know how or even IF you should toss them. This special report gives you six tested strategies for dealing with this special kind of clutter...

FREE Bonus # 4... The Decision Making Checklist

Thirteen Ways to Know for Sure What to Toss and What to Keep...

One of the biggest areas of confusion, frustration and procrastination when it comes to removing the clutter from your environment is what exactly is clutter and what isn’t? In this comprehensive checklist I give you thirteen questions to ask yourself when considering what to toss and what to keep. By the time you get to the bottom of the list you'll be very clear about whether an item should stay or go...

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