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FREE Bonus # 1...The "Taming the Paper Monster" Special Report

Four killer strategies for getting organized and solving your paper problem once and for all!

I'm always surprised how many people list "Stacks of unwanted paper" as their number one clutter issue. Almost every household in our western society needs a specific and focused strategy to deal with the blizzard of paper that seems to almost multiply by itself. In this special report I give you four ways to not only stop the steady stream of incoming paper, but how to deal with your existing stacks. Get organized and develop an easy, simple strategy to keep your space clean and clear of the paper monster.

FREE Bonus # 2... The "Where Do I Start" Cheat Sheet

Full Bore, Or Step by Step... You Chose!

There are really only two ways to de-clutter your environment. Either with a full on, clutter purge project, planned and implemented like a military campaign and designed to remove your clutter all at once, in one fell swoop. Or... You can take it step by step at your own pace and over a much longer time period. Both approaches have their advantages and drawbacks. In this special cheat sheet I discuss the pro's and cons and show you how to get started which ever route you choose...

FREE Bonus # 3... The Decision Making Checklist

Thirteen Ways to Know for Sure What to Toss and What to Keep...

One of the biggest areas of confusion, frustration and procrastination when it comes to removing the clutter from your environment is what exactly is clutter and what isn’t? In this comprehensive checklist I give you thirteen questions to ask yourself when considering what to toss and what to keep. By the time you get to the bottom of the list you'll be very clear about whether an item should stay or go...

FREE Bonus # 4... The "Learning to Let it Go" SPecial Report

Six hacks that help free you from emotionally charged sentimental clutter

One of the biggest reasons many of us end up with an overstuffed life is the habit of keeping every nick knack and ticket stub that has any kind of memory or sentiment attached to it. Another is the problem of what to do with all of Mom and Dad’s stuff, which in many cases also includes Grandma and Grandpa’s stuff that Mom and Dad inherited and have been keeping in the attic. Many of these items come firmly under the heading of clutter. Unfortunately, many of them also come with their own special kind of emotional baggage, making it hard to know how or even IF you should toss them. This special report gives you six tested strategies for dealing with this special kind of clutter...