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Florida Kyayker, Daytona, Florida

Having been through a forced self examination period, the author came to understand what was really important to him and in the book he shares some very valid insight. a key take away that I got from this book: You need to really understand what your version of simplify means before you start this journey.

Rebecca Grosch, Kansas City, Missuori

The joy of Less doesn't just help you de-clutter your home, or your car. It helps you un-clutter your MIND! Allowing yourself space to create good work is essential to being productive, and this book does it right! It's a huge value. Snatch it up as soon as you can.

Simplify your life and discover the Joys that come from minimalist living.

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What if you could live on purpose and reduce or eliminate most of the stress and worry that you experience on a daily basis?

Overwhelmed and exhausted, we tend to hit the ground running every morning without much thought to what exactly we are doing or why we’re doing it. Phone calls, texts, e-mails, Kids sports and yoga classes. It’s all a blur of activity and deadlines. Are these activities meaningful to you? Are they contributing to your joy and serenity or is the mindless rushing about simply a way of not thinking about what’s really important?

˃˃˃ The ability to simplify life is the ability to declutter your soul and live with emotional simplicity.

Simple organized living is a wonderful concept but it takes more than throwing a bunch of unwanted stuff in a box and making a dump run. It requires a paradigm shift and a commitment to doing things in a different way. An attitude shift towards the things you have and the things you want. Before you simplify your space, you need to be able to be emotionally and spiritually ready to not only handle the decluttering projects you are going to tackle but to permanently change your habits and attitudes towards your material possessions as well as your relationships.

˃˃˃ This is Book one of the two part “Joy of less” series,

In it, Cary David Richards details how he and his wife Jeannie were forced by circumstances to downsize and simplify. How over time they came to understand that minimalism has some very tangible and important long term benefits.

From reduced stress to being able to think with clarity and vision, Cary and Jeannie's minimalist journey will illuminate the joy and explain the challenges of a life lived with Less and an existence filled with freedom and happiness.

˃˃˃ Block some time out of your busy schedule

Let Cary David explain how to painlessly and effectively de-clutter you from the inside out and prepare you for the minimalist path.